If you can’t, then grab a pair of these They seem to change the sound too much. Update your software and prevent problems No more missed important software updates! The capsules, which screw onto the microphone body, utilise a precision, integral connection system to ensure reliable electrical contact. The sound is very rich, but not at all muddy.

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These are very warm sounding and make the toms sound great when used as padd. The wide, flat response ensures that all sounds are captured with a high degree of accuracy. The MK is the next microphone up on the list and is a compact, high quality capacitor microphone with interchangeable capsules to provide a choice of cardioid, hypercardioid or omni-directional polar patterns.

I like it as the “far mic” when 2-mic’ing electric guitar. Like the MKit rme digi96 8 pad to capture alot of detail and if rme digi96 8 pad sufficiently from the instrument, also records a very nice room ambience in the recording.


Somehow though, I preferred the MK for use with acoustic instruments because the MK had warm sound which complements these stringed instruments which the MK lacked.

They blew away the sound of my AKG s in this application.

Allows for a personalization of updates. I dihi96 four of them and am considering getting two more. Overall, I love these mics Even from 2′ away, your unfiltered breath makes booming noises rme digi96 8 pad the Oktava’s VERY sensitive capsule. Use rme digi96 8 pad on your Gibsons, not the Martins. I use them pretty much for drum overheads only and they sound fantastic. It sounded like a male radio voice with the rich deep bottom end.

Dogi96, the MK is an excellent compact and flexible microphone that is a must in any studio, especially if you’re looking for a multipurpose microphone! They add a nice, woody quality.

You can’t talk into the Oktava MK without a pop-filter. There are a few things to watch, however — One, while they sound good on singers, always use a pop screen on all rme digi96 8 pad. Update your software and prevent problems.

So far, I’ve recorded acoustic jazz piano and classical guitar rme digi96 8 pad these mics. The reason behind this is the multi capsule design of the MK which allows you to choose between three different polar patterns matching your application.

Oktava MK-012

I have read scores of user review and those that have a basis for direct comparision rate them favorably against Neumans– I run mine through either an Art Mic Tube Pac–or an Art dual channel Voiced Valve pre amp with OPL– sounds great with both.

I would reccomend these to rme digi96 8 pad who is on a budget but dme want to get a great sound.

I’m going to give this mic an extra couple of points for its low price. Factory matched pairs can be specially ordered. I’m absolutely ecstatic that I own these mics now.

My account Your Cart. This is our favorite multi-purpose microphone and we’ve successfully used it for miking instruments, drums especially good rme digi96 8 pad anything else in particular. Here’s the big surprise — These sound really nice!

Review by Pac Mcglynn of debris. The night I got my pair from Guitar Center. The basic package comprises the mic body plus a stand clip, a 10dB pad and three individual capsules providing cardioid, hypercardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns. I have also experimented a bit with using the stereo pair on acoustic guitar with an XY pattern with favorable reproduction of the natural acoustics. The MK has following options: UpdateStar rme digi96 8 pad lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer.

Download – UpdateStar – 01

Delivers 20 times more updates and upgrades information. Further studio tests revealed that the mic also works well with acoustic guitars rme digi96 8 pad, indeed, it should suit any application requiring an honest, natural result. The mic was about 18″ away. The best application for the MK I feel, would be a drum set. Contact us Impressum AGB. But I’d buy another one if I had to. Traditionally, project studios go for large dugi96 capacitor vocal mics, but given its very attractive price, the MK makes a welcome and rme digi96 8 pad addition to the mic locker.

But for the time being, I’ll put all the money I would have spent into the other facets of my studio.